Guinness Storehouse Stoutie

If you want to rent a cozy and upscale space for an intimate gathering with friends and family, then the Guinness Storehouse Stoutie should be right up there. 

The entire Guinness Storehouse facility is spread over multiple floors and offers various activities and experiences to enhance your visit and make your time memorable. 

Guinness Storehouse Stoutie is yet another way in which fans of the Black Stout can enjoy the rink and the home of Guinness by renting out the space. 

Let’s learn why you should consider throwing your next gathering without friends and family at the Guinness Storehouse Stoutie. 

Guinness Storehouse Stoutie 

By now, you must have known that multiple Guinness Storehouse Experiences let visitors take a slightly different Guinness Brewery tour. 

In the list of Guinness Storehouse Experiences, the Guinness Storehouse Stoutie Experience is the most unique and fun. 

In brief, visitors can click quirky and fun pictures of themselves or their friends, which they can print on the heads of the pints. 

You can rent the same venue for your next private party or gathering. 

Delight your guests with this party trick that is sure to surprise them. Not many parties can say that they will print the faces of their guests on the drink. 

Apart from this, the venue has an intimate and elegant vibe with gorgeous views of the city skyline.

You can organize a party of up to 80 people as it can easily host 80 guests for a drinks reception and Stand-up Buffet. 

And if you invite more than 80, no worries; there is another event hire space at Guinness Storehouse, the Guinness Academy

The Guinness Academy is your quintessential Guinness bar, with the iconic black furniture surrounding you as you chug down their smooth black stout. 

This venue can handle as many as 100 people. You must know how to get to the Guinness Storehouse regardless of how many guests you invite. 

Note: If you want to explore beyond the Guinness Storehouse, consider getting a Big Bus hop on hop off bus tour of Dublin, which is the best way to explore the city. 
People who are about that active life and experience the city differently can also go for the Dublin Bike tours to gain a different perspective of this vibrant city. 

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