Guinness Storehouse Shop

A visit to the Guinness Storehouse to learn the history of this much-loved Irish beer brand, whose roots go as far back as 1759, is incredible. 

Apart from picking up some crucial skills, such as learning how to pour a perfect pint from the masters of the craft, there are many other things to do. 

And to further make your tour memorable, you must pick up some souvenirs and gifts for yourself, friends, and family.

To do so, you may wonder if a Guinness Storehouse Gift shop exists. 

To clue you in, you should stop by the ever-popular Guinness Storehouse Shop for all of your Guinness Storehouse shopping needs. 

So, let’s learn what you can buy and expect to see at the Guinness Storehouse Shop. 

Guinness Storehouse Shop 

Guinness Storehouse Shop
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Depending on your Guinness Storehouse Experience, you may have yet to taste various Guinness beers by now. 

And if not before the tour, you must have your favorite Guinness beer by now. Well, you can buy it from the ground floor retail store. 

You can also go pick the Guinness Storehouse Connoisseur Experience for an elaborate tasting experience to explore all flavors of Guinness.

Here at the Guinness Storehouse Shop, you will be further able to buy some personalized glassware. You can get your name etched onto those iconic Guinness glasses. 

There are a variety of Guinness glasses that you can pick from. All of them look elegant and beautiful. Certainly, the best is enjoying your favorite beer. 

Also, if you are more eco-friendly, you can pick the brewery’s reusable metal bottle. 

If you want to know what Guinness recommends, they highly recommend the Guinness Nitrosurge gift pack consisting of a range of nick-nacks. 

One pro tip is that you can order things from the Guinness Storehouse official site and collect them at the retail store without waiting in a queue. 

Like any other beer lover, you can also pick from an extensive range of bottle openers and cap catchers. 

And to decorate your mancave, you can pick up any metal signs. 

From retro-looking pub-style signs to the iconic Guinness Yellow Label Metal Sign, Guinness Storehouse shopping offers plenty of options. 

You pick gifts for your friends and family who aren’t fans of drinking beer. Pick the Guinness coffee hamper. 

For people who want to represent the iconic Guinness brand, you can also look into the extensive Clothing & Accessories options present online. 

You can find clothing collaborations from Aches and Fatti Burke. You will also find some exclusive collections depending on the time you choose to do your Guinness Storehouse experience

Learn about the best time to visit Guinness Storehouse to plan your visit. 

And after browsing through the Guinness Storehouse shop, you must be hungry, so learn about the restaurants near Guinness Storehouse.  

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