Guinness Storehouse Experience

From grain to glass, embark on an immersive Guinness Storehouse Experience to explore the intriguing journey of this black elixir. 

On this Guinness Storehouse tour, dive deeply into the fascinating 250-year-old history to experience the heart and soul of Ireland’s most beloved beer. 

At the same time, pick up a few pointers and skills to pour a perfect pint to impress your buddies the next time!

Visitors, history buffs, and beer lovers have a range of options to upgrade their Guinness Storehouse Experience to get the most out of their visit. 

From the simple Guinness Storehouse Experience to Guinness Storehouse Connoisseur Experience, you can explore and learn about your favorite beer. 

Let’s understand what all Guinness Storehouse tours are available and what to expect from them.

Guinness Storehouse Experience

The basic Guinness Storehouse Experience is elaborate and covers almost all bases. 

And for that reason, it is also one of the most value-for-money Guinness Storehouse Experiences. 

All Guinness Storehouse tours cover the standard Guinness Storehouse Experience

Visitors will get a self-guided tour of the Guinness Storehouse. On average, it takes around 90 minutes to tour the attraction. 

Get to know the history of this iconic brand, its brewing process, and its ingredients, and surround yourself with the aromas of the black stuff. 

Since it is a self-guided tour, you can take as much time as you want and explore the place to your heart’s desire. 

You can work around the 5 floors and slowly learn about Guinness’s intriguing story. 

Apart from this, you will also get access to the Guinness Storehouse Tasting Rooms. 

Finally, get to the 7th floor of Guinness Gravity Bar, an iconic place to enjoy a pint of Guinness. It is equally famous for its unparalleled view of the city from this height! 

Due to its immense popularity, the place can become a bit crowded, so make sure you know the best time to visit the Guinness Storehouse to plan a smooth tour. 

Guinness Storehouse Experience + Stoutie 

On this Guinness Storehouse Experience, you get the usual inclusions of the regular Guinness Brewery tour to explore the history and other facets of making this refreshing beer. 

Access the ever-popular and stunning Guinness Storehouse Gravity Bar for a complimentary pint and views. 

However, what makes this Guinness Brewery tour unique is the inclusion of Stoutie. What is it, you may ask? 

Well, this is a unique experience in which you get to print your selfie on the head of your smooth Guinness. 

You may have only seen it on a coffee cup, but now is your chance to have fun, make some quirky faces, and get it printed on your beer. 

Share it on social media to capture the moment forever before chugging down. 

Guinness Storehouse Experience + Guinness Academy

Apart from the usual inclusions of the Guinness Storehouse Experience and access to the Gravity Bar, you will get something you can keep forever. 

With the Guinness Academy experience, you will learn from the masters of the craft, a must-know skill, how to pour a perfect pint. 

Learn the legendary six-step ritual of pouring your pint at the home of Guinness. 

Witness the surge and gradual settling of the foam before savoring your creation. 

This tour is one of the highly recommended experiences where you not only get to learn the history and making process of the beer but also get to learn how to pour a perfect pint. 

And finally, you get to chug a refreshing pint while admiring the views. 

If you like learning these skills, consider the Roe & Co Cocktail workshop experience to understand the art of blending. 

Guinness Storehouse Connoisseur Experience 

If you want the most immersive and elaborate experience at the Guinness, then Guinness Storehouse Connoisseur Experience is perfect. 

Apart from the obvious and standard Guinness Storehouse Experience, your Guinness Brewery tour will be unique with additional things. 

Firstly, the Guinness tasting room Dublin will let you participate in an unparalleled tasting experience. 

Then a complementary storytelling journey will delve deeper into the roots of Guinness.

You will learn more trivia and intriguing facts about the extensive 250-year-old history of Guinness. 

You will also learn about the brewing process, ingredients, and other aspects of it in much more detail. 

This guided tour is your comprehensive Guinness Storehouse Experience to learn everything there is to know while enjoying tasting and storytelling. 


How long is the Guinness Storehouse Experience?

Given The Guinness Storehouse Experience is a self-guided tour, the duration of the Guinness Storehouse tour depends largely on your interest and your own pace.

However, we recommend at least spending 90 minutes exploring the Guinness Storehouse and learning about its fascinating history. 

Beyond this, different Guinness Storehouse Experiences such as Connoisseur, Stoutie, and Academy will also impact the duration. 

What can you see in the Guinness Storehouse?

Located on the original site of the Guinness Brewery, the Guinness Storehouse experience offers an amazing blend of unique interactive tours. 

Visitors will be able to explore the home of Guinness where it started and learn about its rich 250 years of history, and the meticulous brewing process. 

And if you opt for something like Connoisseur Experience then, you will get an elaborate tasting, Stoutie offers something unique with your face printed on your pint, and with Academy, you will learn how to pour the perfect pint!  

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