Guinness Storehouse Connoisseur Experience

The Guinness Storehouse Experience is your window into the illustrious and rich history of one of the most famous Irish beer brands, Guinness. 

It is one of the must-visit places in Dublin and is integral to exploring the city.

And it lies in central Dublin, so you won’t face problems getting there.

Learn about how to get to the Guinness Storehouse most conveniently

But for anyone reaching there to explore the history and aromas, there are multiple experiences. 

And the best of all is the Guinness Storehouse Connoisseur Experience, but there are regular tours too. 

Let’s compare Guinness Storehouse Connoisseur Experience vs regular tour. 

Guinness Storehouse Connoisseur Experience

When choosing between the Guinness Storehouse Connoisseur Experience vs regular tour, we highly recommend the Guinness Storehouse Connoisseur Experience. 

It will be your one comprehensive Guinness Brewery tour to learn, know, and taste the drinks that the brand offers. 

The first three floors are typical for all the tours, so there is hardly any difference between the Guinness Storehouse Connoisseur Experience vs Standard. 

All the Guinness Storehouse Experiences cover everyday things sufficient to tell an honest story of Guinness. 

However, the real Guinness Storehouse Connoisseur Experience starts when you reach the fourth floor.

It is also the same venue for the Guinness Academy experience. You can learn how to pour a perfect pint here. You can also hire the venue for an occasion.

Read Guinness Academy to learn more about it in detail. 

For the Guinness Storehouse Connoisseur Experience, you must have at least 2 hours to spare. Learn about the best time to visit the Guinness Storehouse. 

The Guinness Storehouse Connoisseur Experience starts with a detailed background on Guinness, where you’ll learn about the brand’s origins and history

The guide/host will be an expert, knowledgeable person ready to answer all your curiosities.

You will then enjoy a tasting of the standard Guinness. After the background and standard tasting, you will proceed to the highlight of the Guinness Storehouse Connoisseur Experience.

You will then taste four different Guinness beers, regular, Guinness, Guinness Extra Stout, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, and Guinness West Indies Porter.

You will then explore the area better as you can get behind the counter and learn to pour the perfect pint! 

And the fun part is that you will get a certificate for pouring the perfect pint. This is the same as the Guinness Academy. 

Enjoy some more regular Guinness before finally moving forward and going to the fifth floor, the Guinness Restaurants. 

No reservations are required to eat here; however, you might have to wait for a short period if you go at a busy hour. 

You can then go to the famous Gravity Bar on the sixth floor. It is a circular bar with 360° degrees panoramic views of Dublin city. 

It has to be the most scenic place in the entire city to enjoy a pint of Guinness and appreciate the beauty of this vibrant city. 

Note: Learn about the things to do in Dublin to explore this amazing city further. 

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