Guinness Academy

Guinness Storehouse has 7 floors, and each floor offers something to the visitors. There are many things to see, participate in, learn, and enjoy. 

Venture beyond just the history of Guinness and spend an evening partying at the home of Black Stout.

Apart from the usual Guinness Storehouse Experience, other tours allow visitors to upgrade and explore the aroma and history with a refreshing pint of Guinness. 

Guinness Academy Dublin allows visitors to rent the same venue and enjoy a relaxed evening chugging its iconic black stout.

If you are in Ireland and want to have a gala time booking an event in a laid-back space, Guinness Academy is an option.

So, let’s check out Guinness Academy Dublin and see if this is your next spot for event hire or a celebration! 

Guinness Academy

Guinness Academy
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You must have learned about the various Guinness Storehouse Experiences and their offers. 

Among them, the Guinness Academy Experience explores the brand’s rich history and heritage. It also lets you learn how to serve a perfect pint.  

Learn about the best time to do the Guinness Storehouse Experience

The venue can host 100 people for a drink reception and a stand-up buffet; you’ll get an intimate feel as you relax and sip the pint you’ve pulled. 

The space is elegantly put together, with its black furniture contrasting with a light-colored background displaying numerous Guinness bottles. 

This is an ideal spot for private dining and parties. But if you don’t know how to visit it, here’s how to conveniently reach the Guinness Storehouse. 

If you are a fan of these experiences and want to pick up a few more skills, you must consider the Roe & Co. distillery Cocktail workshop experience. 

You will learn the basics of cocktail making, the five pillars of this art, and much more. 

Note: People fascinated by the intriguing history and making process of iconic Irish brands such as Guinness must consider the Jameson Irish Whiskey Experience
A better value-for-money proposition is getting a combo of Guinness Storehouse and Jameson Whiskey Experience to enjoy both in one ticket.
If you want to travel in style and comfort, then the Private half-day Guinness and Jameson tour is perfect for you.

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