Guinness Storehouse Tickets

Besides Ireland’s stunning landscapes and castles, one aspect that should definitely pique your interest is its rich tradition of spirit production, including beers, stouts, whiskey, and more. 

And no trip to Dublin is complete without Guinness Storehouse tours, where you can delve into the fascinating heritage of beer-making. 

The Guinness Storehouse Dublin Tour is a must-visit for beer enthusiasts and history buffs.

Step inside the birthplace of the renowned Black Stout, an iconic beer, part of the renowned Guinness brand.

Take a behind-the-scenes peek into the intricate process of creating this legendary beverage, exploring every aspect of its preparation.

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to gain insights into the science behind beer-making as you interact with the master brewers who have perfected their craft over generations.

If you have any queries, such as what the Guinness Storehouse entails or whether you can acquire Guinness Storehouse tickets on-site, rest assured that all your questions will be answered here.


Hours: 10 am to 5 pm

Last Entry: 1 to 2 hours before closing time

Time needed: 2 to 3 hours

Best time: Early hours of weekdays

Ticket cost: €30 to €69


The Guinness Storehouse is located at St James’s Gate in Dublin, Ireland.

Address: St James’s Gate, Ushers, Dublin 8, D08 VF8H, Ireland. Get Directions.

Top 3 Guinness Storehouse tickets

Why should you buy Guinness Storehouse tickets online?

By now, you must be wondering can you buy Guinness Storehouse tickets at the door.

Yes, you can, but there is a catch and caution too. They only accept debit or credit cards.

However, we’d advise buying  Guinness Storehouse tickets online in advance for various reasons. 

  • You will not be anxious about not getting the Guinness Storehouse tickets altogether. 
  • You will enjoy an extensive range of Guinness Storehouse Dublin Tickets
  • You can also enjoy Guinness Storehouse discount tickets and age-based discounts, such as Guinness Storehouse student tickets. 
  • Online Guinness Storehouse tickets add to the ease and convenience of your visit, so you can enjoy your time exploring this marvelous place.
  • As the operators vouch to meet the lowest price, you will get the best price possible on your Guinness Storehouse tour tickets.

To enhance your understanding of the Guinness Storehouse’s history and enduring legacy, there are a variety of Guinness Storehouse tour tickets available for purchase.

Types of Guinness Storehouse tickets and more

As said above, one of the biggest advantages of buying Guinness Storehouse tickets online is the variety of Guinness Storehouse tickets available.

Visitors can purchase simple Guinness Storehouse entrance tickets. This is also the Guinness Storehouse self-guided tour. 

Dublin is also famous for plenty of other iconic breweries and distilleries. You can buy combo tickets to explore them all with the Guinness Storehouse tickets. 

Of them, the Guinness Storehouse tour and Jameson Irish Whiskey combo ticket is popular. 

You can get the Jameson Irish Whiskey experience to discover its roots and improve the process. 

The Roe & Co. Whiskey Distillery is less than half a mile from the Guinness Storehouse. Step inside this fully-functioning urban distillery and take the Roe & Co Distillery Cocktail Workshop

Teeling Distillery is an award-winning whiskey brand that takes pride in making its iconic whiskey.

And if you want to know more about whiskey-making, this is a good experience apart from the Guinness Storehouse tour.

Another way to go on a Guinness Storehouse tour without buying Guinness Storehouse tickets is to get the handy Dublin City Pass

If you are in Dublin for more than a  day and looking to explore more of this vibrant city, then the Big Bus hop on hop off tour is one way to visit a range of attractions flexibly. 

If you want to see the streets, a Dublin bike tour lets you explore Dublin differently. 

For people looking to visit something unique and different, consider the Glasnevin Cemetery. 

There are plenty of other equally fascinating things to discover and experience in Dublin. 

Check out restaurants near the Guinness Storehouse to grab some delicious food. 

Guinness Storehouse ticket prices 

Now, the last but perhaps the biggest curiosity you might have is how much tickets to the Guinness Storehouse cost. 

Plenty of options exist, so the Guinness Storehouse ticket prices vary and are available for every itinerary and budget. 

The most basic Guinness Storehouse entrance tickets, also known as Guinness Storehouse self-guided tours, cost €30 (US $34). 

A few popular combos include the skip the line Guinness Storehouse entrance ticket and the Jameson Whiskey Experience tour. It will cost you €97 (US $109). 

Another popular combo for people wanting to explore the various attractions of Dublin affordably and flexibly is the Guinness Storehouse and Big Bus Hop on Hop off sightseeing tour

This handy bus tour combo ticket for the Guinness Storehouse tour is a mere €66 (US $74). 

It’s one of the best value-for-money Guinness Storehouse tickets you can buy to experience it and other significant attractions. 

There are plenty of experiences if you look beyond the Guinness Storehouse tour. There are plenty of things to do in Dublin.

In the nearby areas, less than a kilometer away, is the fully functioning urban Roe & Co. Distillery. The Roe & Co Cocktail Workshop Experience at €23 (US $26) is a steal if you want to learn cocktail skills. 

On the note of unique experiences, you must check out the Dublin bike tour and Glasnevin Cemetery to try something new and explore offbeat attractions. 

And if you want to unlock access to more than 40 attractions in Dublin, paying €74 (US $82) for the Dublin Go City Pass is a steal.

Top 10 tours of Guinness Storehouse

Plenty of exciting and value-for-money Guinness Storehouse tickets, experiences, and tours exist. 

To help you decide better, here is a list of the top 10 tours, including Guinness Storehouse tour tickets, tours to explore other surrounding attractions, and tours to see the vibrant Dublin City. 

Let’s jump in.

Ticket Price (Adult) 
Guinness Storehouse entrance ticket €30 (US $34)
Guinness Storehouse tour and Jameson Irish Whiskey ticket€97 (US $109) 
Private Jameson and Guinness half-day tour ticket€289 (US $309) 
Guinness Storehouse and big bus hop on hop off ticket €66 (US $74)
Guinness Storehouse and Irish Emigration Museum ticket€50 (US $55)
Guinness Storehouse and Dublin Discovered Boat Tour ticket €46 (US $48)
Best of Ireland 6-day Backpackers Economy Tour €799 (US $880)
Private Dublin City highlight tour €610 (US $682)
Dublin Go City Pass€74 (US $82)
Dublin bike tour€35 (US $40)

Guinness Storehouse Discount tickets

One of the biggest advantages of booking Guinness Storehouse tickets online is the opportunity to grab Guinness Storehouse discount tickets. 

You can enjoy a healthy discount on all tickets. These are age-based discounts too.

Children, infants, and senior citizens don’t have to pay the full price visitors pay on adult Guinness Storehouse tour tickets. 

Instead, you can pay less and enjoy the benefits of Guinness Storehouse discount tickets. 

Students also enjoy a discount if they have a valid Student ID. Rather than getting the regular Guinness Storehouse tickets, you can get Guinness Storehouse student tickets. 

So, what are you waiting for? Buy tickets to Guinness Storehouse now. 

What is the Guinness Storehouse? 

The first most obvious question that may have popped into your head is, “What is the Guinness Storehouse?” 

It is a tourist attraction and the home of the dry Irish stout brand Guinness at St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin. 

The Guinness Storehouse is spread over seven floors, surrounding a glass atrium like a Guinness pint. 

Each floor reveals a portion of the Guinness Storehouse history over 250 years old. 

Once done with the tour, you can stop by the Guinness Storehouse Shop to buy some amazing souvenirs. 

You may need Guinness Storehouse tour tickets to enter and explore the home of Guinness.

Learn about the Guinness Storehouse opening hours and parking facilities to plan a smooth visit. 

And after buying Guinness Storehouse tickets, here’s what you can expect on a Guinness Storehouse tour. 

What to expect on the Guinness Storehouse tour?

All of the Guinness Storehouse entrance tickets have some features so that each visitor buying the Guinness Storehouse tour tickets will have a thorough tour. 

For instance, the Guinness Storehouse self-guided tour is part of the basic Guinness Storehouse entrance tickets and the Guinness Storehouse guided tour. 

You will enter the tasting rooms as well. Depending on the type of Guinness Storehouse tickets you purchase, your Guinness Storehouse tour can be different. 

You can check out the Guinness Storehouse Experiences to learn about them. 

Exploring fascinating history, learning about liquor preparation, and enjoying a pint at the famous Gravity Bar are all part of Guinness Storehouse tours. 

But if you want more, you can opt for the Guinness Academy to learn the art of pouring a perfect pint. 

Or, you can go for the Guinness Storehouse Stoutie; featuring your face on top of the beer you enjoy. 

The experts there will delve into Guinness Storehouse history and make your experience worthwhile.

You can also opt for the Guinness Storehouse Connoisseur Experience for a Guinness-guided tour feel.

These are but a few; other fascinating features await you here.

But you must also be wondering how long is the Guinness Storehouse tour. 

Since it is a Guinness Storehouse self-guided tour, we recommend spending at least 90 minutes!

However, you can spend more time on different floors. For specific experiences such as the Guinness Storehouse Connoisseur Experience, you must reach 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled time.

Read about the best time to visit and how to reach for a smooth visit. 


 Where can I buy a ticket for the Guinness Storehouse tour?

Given millions visit the Guinness Storehouse each year, we highly recommend booking the Guinness Storehouse experience tour online in advance. 

Getting your Guinness Storehouse tour tickets online will give you lots of options. 

Not just a variety of Guinness Storehouse tour tickets, but you also enjoy age-based discounts on your purchase. 

Do I have to book my Guinness Storehouse ticket in advance?

Yes, we recommend you book your Guinness Storehouse tickets in advance to avoid the disappointment of not being able to get a ticket on the spot. 

Booking tickets online in advance has many perks, such as age-based discounts and options for Guinness Storehouse tour tickets. 

Getting the Guinness Storehouse tickets will help you plan your visit smoothly.

 How will I receive my tickets if I book online?

Purchasing Guinness Storehouse tour tickets online has various advantages, and the ease of booking and purchasing passes is one of them. 

After purchasing your Guinness Storehouse tour tickets, you will receive the tickets in your registered email. 

You can take a printout of the ticket or simply show the PDF directly on your smartphone to enter. 

Does the Guinness Storehouse offer discount tickets?

One of the perks of purchasing the  Guinness Storehouse tour tickets online is the attractive discounts you can enjoy. 

In almost all of the Guinness Storehouse tour tickets, you will also enjoy age-based discounts and special prices for students. 

Apart from this, there are various experiences to pick and choose from, allowing visitors to find an experience that fits their itinerary

 Is there an Age restriction to enter the Guinness Storehouse?

No, there are no age restrictions to enter the Guinness Storehouse. The building is children-friendly. 

All the areas are accessible for strollers, pushchairs, and buggies. However, an adult must accompany children under the age of 18.

Certain add-ons in the Guinness Storehouse tour are strictly for those over 18 years old. No one under 18 can drink or purchase alcohol. 

How do I make a group or tour booking?

Booking a group or tour visit to the Guinness Storehouse is simple, just like booking any Guinness Storehouse ticket for a single person. 

There will be an option to select the number of tickets. You can purchase the ticket for however many you want and schedule the tour at the time of your choosing. 

However, if you want an exclusive tour for your group, you should book a private tour of Guinness Storehouse

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